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Post The Blood Pacts ((ALL WOLVES READ AND SIGN))
((OOC Post)) UPDATED 29 SEPTEMBER 2011 (transferred to new forum 2009; updated 2011 to make age requirements more clear)

Please read the Laws of the Wolves and the Ordering of the Wolves and sign here to acknowledge you have done so.

Other important information for Storm Wolves:

Guild channel and /say are ALWAYS IC (in character). No emoticons (smilies) or leetspeak in /guild or /say. Party, Raid and Whisper/Tell channels may be IC if the group chooses, but are not required. We have an OOC channel for OOC discussions, which is open to all Wolves and non-Wolf alts - no non-Wolves are permitted in our OOC channel. OOC channel name will be provided upon joining.

Always IC. Officially, our guild channel is an audio (voice-only) "frequency" created by goblin technology built into communicators attached to our hearthstones, like the vox-channels in soldier's helmets. Our guild channel is NOT a room or a guild hall or a geographical place. Some members may have technology that permits them to see as well as hear, but not all Wolves have such technology, and may RP as if all they can do is hear you. Guild channel is for public conversations all guild members can (and probably will) overhear and take part in; we use Orcish as the default language as it is our shared language and then all members can participate in guild channel RP. Private conversations between members, or conversations meant only for certain people on the guild channel or not in Orcish are better RPed in private channels, /party chat, or face to face RP.

The Storm Wolves is a company of soldiers, a private army sworn to protect Thrall and the Horde. We are military people first, with a warrior's code of honor and loyalty to each other and our leaders that is second to none. We battle alongside each other for the Horde as a guild. While we may engage in social RP, the guild was not created explicitly for social purposes. ERP (erotic roleplaying) is NOT part of our guild rationale and public ERP by Storm Wolves will NOT be tolerated.

Remember this as you journey throughout the worlds: you are always on duty, could be called to battle at any time, and need to be prepared. All Wolves are expected to acquire a guild tabard and wear it when raiding or PvPing in guild groups, with the exception of guerrilla warfare, and when instancing unless earning the reputation of a faction that requires another tabard to be worn. The Wolf tabard is a device that stirs pride in our hearts and fear in our enemies.

If any Wolf observes another Wolf engaging in behavior that shames the guild, evidence should be brought to the Stormcaller and/or Silverpaws, who will dispense justice. What you do as a Storm Wolf defines us all, as well as the guild's reputation in the minds of others.

New Wolves must be level 20 before joining. Alts of existing Wolves are required to be level 15. Alts of existing Wolves may join our OOC channel at any level before they are guilded, but new Wolves may not join the OOC channel until they are admitted to the guild at level 20.

Horde members of any class or race are welcome to apply to the Storm Wolves if they are level 20 and believe the guild would be a good fit. We accept members whose players are at least 18 years of age, but most of our membership is older (median age is currently 28), so this is a guild of adults for the most part, and we expect mature behavior from our members no matter their real life age.

Due to the dynamic nature of roleplay and WoW's gameplay fluidity (which is rated T by the ESRB and notes "content may change during gameplay"), we regret that we cannot admit members under age 18 to the guild. We do this because many of us are parents, or mandatory reporters (teachers, counselors, etc.), and we believe minors should be supervised on the Internet, even (and perhaps especially) in an MMO setting, with role-playing and raiding situations that may involve vulgarity or storylines containing sexual or violent overtones.

Potential recruits are required to post in the Blackwolf Keep seeking entrance (either a backstory or an in-character request for interview in game are acceptable). We prefer backstory and in-character postings over interviews, as anyone can prepare a short RP one time, but having to put together a character backstory demonstrates time and commitment, as well as thought about RP and how one's character fits into WoW and Storm Wolf lore. We require members to have accounts at this website so that we can be in communication both in and out of game.

Storm Wolves may recommend others for membership but they must still be confirmed by a Blackwolf Keep post and/or in-game interview. Members who have left the Wolves and wish to return MAY be reinstated at the Stormcaller's discretion after a month (4 weeks) out of the guild. Members kicked from the guild for inappropriate behavior are not welcome to reapply. We do not "poach" from other guilds; if you are a member of another guild and wish to become a Storm Wolf, you will need to talk with your current guild leader and the Stormcaller or an officer first.

PROMOTIONS PROCESS: Being a Storm Wolf is a privilege and NOT a right!
Members are introduced as Youngbloods, and remain so until they demonstrate loyalty to the clan, at which time they may be promoted to Bloodpaw rank. No member will be promoted to Youngblood before at least one month of active membership has been completed.

After level 60, a Storm Wolf may be promoted to another, higher rank, based upon service to the clan and loyalty to its leadership and founding principles. This second promotion creates a Wolf Guard. These are senior members and veterans of our guild.

Further service to the Wolf organization may result in an invitation to become a Wolf officer, and a Wolf Guard may be promoted to Long Fang (junior officer) or Silverpaw (senior officer) at the Stormcaller's discretion. A special officer rank, Lone Wolf, is set aside for Wolves who are on special assignment by the Stormcaller (OOC: Lone Wolf is designated for certain alts of existing officers playing special roles for RP purposes).

Ranks can be demoted or promoted at any time for any reason. In the case of demotion, the officers and/or Stormcaller will discuss the demotion with the demoted player and strategies toward re-promotion, if desirable.

Players whose characters are not in game for 30 (thirty) days will be demoted to the Wanderer rank. They can be reinstated to their previous rank by logging into the game and asking any officer. Players whose characters are not in game for 90 (ninety) days will be removed from the guild roster unless the player has informed officers of a leave of absence. If a player is on leave, guilded characters will remain at Wanderer rank until the player returns.

There are tensions between various factions, and even within the Horde itself. We acknowledge that getting along isn't always easy and that some characters may dislike or mistrust others. ANY in-character conflict roleplayed between Wolves or other members of the Horde must be done delicately and with prior OOC consent and involvement of ALL characters involved.

All Wolves are expected to treat each other with dignity as clan brothers and sisters. There will be NO IN CHARACTER BASHING of any Wolf by another Wolf for cultural, racial, historical alliance, personal or other reasons. We are Wolves first, Horde second, and individuals third. If a character's prejudices cannot be overcome in this regard, that character is best not being a Wolf, as (s)he lacks the honor and discipline we require. In character we do not have to like each other, but must treat each other with basic respect.

Out of character (OOC) discrimination, namecalling or abuse of a Wolf by any other Wolf for any reason will NOT be tolerated and is likely to result in expulsion from the guild.

Any of the following offenses in or out of character will result in a warning and possibly in a character/player being expelled from the guild:

Mechanics Related
ninja-looting (poaching gear in a group without observing the group's loot rules), kill stealing, gathering node stealing, intentional training of mobs on others (including Alliance except in a declared PvP situation), using hacks/exploits/mods not permitted by Blizzard, using illegal bots or scripts, hacking accounts/password stealing

PvP Related
griefing, corpse-camping, /spitting on fallen enemies, using hacks or exploits in battlegrounds or arenas, trash-talking fellow Horde in battlegrounds, arena hacks, bluewalling enemies (attacking without flagging first), attacking beginners' areas to kill questgivers and NPCs, deliberately attacking low-level characters that give no honorable kill status, using exploits to force PvP flagging (such as the hunter snake trap trick)

Economy Related
auction house usury, gold buying, stealing from the guild bank, deliberately overcharging guild members for items or tradeskills (reimbursement for materials is acceptable)

Social Related
public ERP, trolling or attacking others in guild or public server channels, spamming channels, excessive cursing or explicit sexual discussions in Wolf IC or OOC channels (as we have under-18 members; our channels are considered to be rated "PG-13" until 2am server time daily), trolling/spamming/abuse/etc. on the Wolf Forums or the World of Warcraft Forums or anywhere else one identifies as a Storm Wolf

Roleplaying Related
deliberate god-moding, metagaming, guild infighting (picking fights with other Wolves, whether IC or OOC for the sole purpose of conflict), public ERP, inappropriate IC behavior that brings shame upon the guild

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Post Re: The Blood Pacts ((ALL WOLVES READ AND SIGN))


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Post Re: The Blood Pacts ((ALL WOLVES READ AND SIGN))

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Post Re: The Blood Pacts ((ALL WOLVES READ AND SIGN))

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Post Re: The Blood Pacts ((ALL WOLVES READ AND SIGN))

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Post Re: The Blood Pacts ((ALL WOLVES READ AND SIGN))

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Post Re: The Blood Pacts ((ALL WOLVES READ AND SIGN))
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Post Re: The Blood Pacts ((ALL WOLVES READ AND SIGN))

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