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The Laws of the Storm Wolves 
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Post The Laws of the Storm Wolves
Copied from our Guild Universe Forums.
The Laws of the Storm Wolves
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The Stormcaller stopped her work to read over an old but well-kept parchment that reproduced the laws inscribed upon the sturdy wooden totem that stood sentry outside Blackwolf Keep. She concluded that it was time for the Pack to be reminded of the wise words of Wolf heroes of old. From the mighty element-speakers Nogusta and Elkbow, to the Great Khan Volk, and on into the future, these words would define the Storm Wolves forevermore….

Until Ash!
The Wolves of Storm are a proud and noble Pack, stretching back to the Silverpaw of the time of the Ancients. By fang and claw have our warriors persevered until this time and by the Laws of the Pack that ever guide us.

We protect those weaker than us, save those in distress and raise those who have fallen, for one day, they may be our allies. No matter how undeserving they may seem of our help, we who have faltered know better than anyone about second chances. We do not judge others, and pledge to help all who need, leading by example.

There are many things to be learned on the battlefield. While we do not claim to know everything, we have knowledge to help others. Be they brothers or strangers, all who come seeking guidance are welcomed. Knowledge is contagious; if we aid one ally on the field, that ally could help another, and so on. Such knowledge will help us defeat our enemies.

We know our place in combat, and our allies’ place as well. If we fight alone, we make certain our battles do not affect those around us adversely. If we fight in a group, we perform our duties to the best of our ability. An ill-prepared group is nothing more than gravestones, but a prepared group is a team.

Whether we wish to take a Youngblood as a cub and fight powerful foes so he or she may learn faster and quickly become more powerful is up to us alone. While we hope to fight side by side as a Pack against our enemies as swiftly as possible, we remember too that some things are best learned at a slower pace. In such decisions, we must weigh the advantages and disadvantages and make our own choice.

We approach everyone with respect and the honor we expect for ourselves. We do not lie or cheat fellow warriors, be they of the Wolves or the Horde. We do not kill that which is not ours to kill, and do not take that which is not ours to take. Every time this happens, we dishonor the Pack as well as ourselves.

To recognize our Wolf Brothers and Sisters, we wear the Pack colors ((i.e., an official guild tabard)). When raiding an enemy's keep or protecting our own, the colors allow us to stay together and watch out for each other during battle. We are not required to wear the colors when involved in Guerrilla Warfare, and are advised not to do so when acting in an undercover manner. We are permitted to wear the colors of any faction that has secured our assistance for a particular endeavor ((e.g., such as in a rep-generating instance or raid)), or the tabard of the Frostwolf Clan of Warchief Thrall, as a sign of his favor toward us. As a matter of pride and respect for Wolf tradition, we may wear Pack colors at any formal event, social event, arena match or allied raid. We remember that at all times, we are ambassadors and examples of the Pack to each other and the worlds at large, whether or not we wear the emblems of Wolves openly.

In all interactions with each other, inside the worlds and without ((i.e., in game and on Storm Wolf, WoW and other forums where we represent the Wolves)), we do not insult anyone. The Stormcaller demands and expects that we treat each other with basic dignity and also be respectful of those who are not of our Pack. Opinions may differ but are not equal to their bearers. As long as we acknowledge this, we can deal with differing opinions with the civility that is expected of the Storm Wolves, the greatest of Thrall’s warriors.

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